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Whether you want to travel over long distances, to those remote places with untouched nature, have a one-day boat trip at the weekend as a getaway from the daily routine, adore fishing or want to take up wakesurfing or wakeboarding - we will help you find the right boat meeting your specific needs .

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Azimut Yachts is a legendary name in the shipbuilding industry, a company that is rightly ranked first in the world for the construction of exclusive motor yachts from 12 meters in length. In addition, Azimut Yachts is the company with the largest volume of investments in this area.

Azimut Yachts specializes in building yachts from 12 to 45 meters. Each boat that appears under the Azimut brand is a work of art, the work of the Italian virtuoso shipbuilding, designers and architects. 

Monterey Boats is known around the world for its advanced technologies that underlie the production, its own distinctive design, exceptional reliability and practicality. Monterey Boats is known as an innovative company and the best engineering solutions are always at the forefront of the design of yachts and boats of this brand. Today the company is one of the largest players in the global market of motor yachts and boats and have absolute authority among professionals.

Nautique (USA) is a manufacturer of professional boats for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. The company has been manufacturing boats since 1924, and consistently reaching the highest scores on criteria such as quality of the waves, engine work, course of the boat, maneuvring, general technical condition. Nautique gives a lifetime warranty on the hulls. 

Yacht and boat manufacturer based in United Arab Emirates. Gulf Craft is the leading producer of fiberglass boats and yachts in Middle East and Africa, exporting over 70% of their productions brands to 40 countries.

Sessa marine is well known by Italian design boats & cruiser. Product range of Sessa marine are very wide but among them, the cruiser line is the most out standing.


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